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Leyline - When the Sun Is Down/ Mesmerism (single)

We don't usually make singles, but this 2-track single, released on 25  April 2013 was a special case due to the way the tracks were created.

The great Frank Zappa was the inspiration for the making of these tunes.He used to take his live recordings and then mixing them with new materials in the studio.

When the Sun is Down and Mesmerism were made from previous guitar solos by Gabriel Esteves and  vocals and other instruments were added later by Luiz Esteves.

Mesmerism: the guitar parts were recorded live at Teatro Alterosa in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 29 October 2009. Bass, keyboards and drums programming were added by Luiz Esteves on 12, 13, 14 Feb. 2010. 

When the Sun Is Down: from a blues guitar solo recorded by Gabriel Esteves, Luiz created the melody and lyrics and added bass, keyboards and drums programming.

Produced and recorded by Luiz Esteves at Somewhere.

Cover photographs: Ana Palhares